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Case Results

The attorneys at Legler, Flynn, Murphy & Battaglia have been representing personal injury victims for since 1989. Below are summaries of a few cases the attorneys at Legler, Flynn, Murphy & Battaglia have successfully resolved for their clients.

SHOULDER INJURY: A radiologist who worked at a cancer facility injured her right shoulder in a motor vehicle accident. Although the physician was still able to perform her medical duties and did not lose any income, Legler, Flynn, Murphy & Battaglia was successful in convincing the negligent driver's insurance company that the physicians work duties were made more difficult by her shoulder injury. The case settled for $110,000.

AMPUTATION: A 45 year-old woman slipped and fell in a service area at a large retail outlet injuring her left knee. The client had an extensive history of diabetes, and as a result of the fall, she eventually lost her left leg by amputation. Legler, Flynn, Murphy & Battaglia fought hard to obtain compensation for their client and after extensive litigation, and before the onset of trial, the case was settled for $900,000.

PRODUCTS LIABILITY: Following a fall at home, an 82-year-old man underwent surgery in which an "orthopedic nail" was implanted in his leg. Several months later, the man felt severe pain and was unable to walk. It was discovered the nail had broken and a second surgery had to be performed to remove the faulty nail. Because of the complications with the nail, the client began suffering tremendous infections. Legler, Flynn, Murphy & Battaglia filed suit against the manufacturer of the "orthopedic nail" and eventually after years of litigation, and expert opinions, the case was settled for a significant confidential amount.

CAR ACCIDENT: A 70 year old client was struck from behind by another vehicle. Although the client did not immediately go to the hospital, she eventually felt pain and discomfort several weeks later and ended up having back surgery to repair a herniated disc. Legler, Flynn, Murphy & Battaglia was eventually able to secure a settlement of $140,000 for the client.

MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE: Legler, Flynn, Murphy & Battaglia was able to secure a settlement for a minor child who suffered severe injuries at birth due to a complicated medical negligence situation. A structured settlement guarantees the child will receive over $10,000,000 in lifetime care and treatment.

ELECTRICAL INJURY: While performing drywall work, a client received a severe electrical shock that caused serious and permanent heart damage. Legler, Flynn, Murphy & Battaglia successfully argued that the electrical company failed to follow the National Electrical Code procedures by not turning off the power to the house during construction. Legler, Flynn, Murphy & Battaglia was successful in securing an $800,000 settlement for their injured client.

WORKERS' COMPENSATION: Legler, Flynn, Murphy & Battaglia succeeded in negotiating one of the highest workers' compensation settlements of the year in 2006 when a settlement of $600,000 was obtained for a client that suffered multiple injuries in an industrial accident.

A 17 year-old female client was simply walking by her house when a neighbor's dog bit her. Although the dog had been immunized for rabies, the teenager was left with a very large disfigurement. Legler, Flynn, Murphy & Battaglia was successful in securing a $250,000 settlement for their client.

CROSS WALK ACCIDENT: Legler, Flynn, Murphy & Battaglia had the privilege of representing a Vietnam refugee who was struck by a drunk driver while crossing the street. The client spent months in the hospital under constant medical attention. The driver argued it was the client's fault however through expert testimony and scientific evidence, Legler, Flynn, Murphy & Battaglia was able to prove the driver had an unobstructed view of the intersection and had the "last clear chance" to avoid the impact. The case settled in favor of our client for a substantial amount of money.

BIG TOBACCO: Legler, Flynn, Murphy & Battaglia is honored to have represented clients injuried in the ongoing battle against "big tobacco." Many of our clients were initially involved in a class action suit against the tobacco industry but failed to qualify due to a technicality. The attorneys at Legler, Flynn, Murphy & Battaglia worked tirelessly to secure compensation for their client's health related injuries. They were able to advise their clients of a secondary fund for tobacco users that was available but was relatively unknown. Many of their clients settled against the tobacco companies for confidential sums.


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