"Mr. Legler handled a case for me and my wife in the past and I was quite satisfied with my recent case and I will use his assistance again in the future."
April, 2018

"I can't explain how much ease this whole process was. Mr. Murphy is so professional and competent. He explained the procedures to me, gave accurate times as to how long to wait before hearing from him again. His secretary was so pleasant and efficient. I so appreciate quality and no stress. Thanks so much."
March, 2018

"Alyson was very driven in protecting my rights and she responded quickly to my many questions. She proved to have excellent negotiation skills, as she exceeded my expectations in settling my case. I highly recommend her.
March, 2018

"My attorney took the time to explain the process and provided me with a great feeling of relief with a confidence that this issue would be handled efficiently & Professionally. Thank you for a job well done."
February 2018

"Did nice job! Thank you Ed."
January, 2018

"Outstanding legal representation giving me a voice to communicate with the insurance giants. Amazing correspondence kept me up to the minute on every detail. A first class firm."
January, 2018

"Mr. Legler's professionalism and integrity was evident in each phone conversation, written communication and personal meeting. He kept me continually updated and showed patience and concern throughout the entire case."
January, 2018

"Mr. Murphy worked very hard for me on this case, considering the power of the company we were up against. He did a wonder job representing me. Thank you."
December, 2017

"When Ms. Battaglia took my case things started moving and after five months, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Thank you."
November, 2017

"I am extremely impressed and satisfied with the experience received from this firm. Everything was done in a professional and timely manner. Everyone was polite and courteous. I will definitely refer anyone in need of an attorney."
October, 2017

"My attorney, Ed Murphy, was excellent from start to finish, kept me informed, eased any concerns I had, and fought hard on my behalf."
October, 2017

"You and your firm have always taken care of me and my family. Thank you for putting our needs first and not taking advantage of our situation."
October, 2017

"I appreciate all the hard work you put into my case. You kept me informed as to what was going on and you were on point about the Workers' Comp process in Florida. If I know of anyone who needs a lawyer, I will refer them to you."
August, 2017

"Alyson Battaglia is not only an incredible personal injury attorney, she is also a trusted advisor - and a great person. My wife was recently rear ended, just before a pre-scheduled trip across the country to visit our family. While we were on vacation, the insurance company really turned on the heat. Alyson not only took the heat for us, but she continually reassured us that everything was going to be alright, allowing us to keep our focus on having a great vacation. She went up against the insurance company in a very professional - but firm way; and has exceeded our expectations in every way. Whether you have a car accident like my wife, an injury from work, or at the grocery store - even a medical malpractice situation. or maybe you have something very unique that requires her excellent research and writing skills - you owe it to yourself to have Alyson in your corner."
August, 2017

"As clients of Kennedy Legler his expertise and services has satisfied on every case. He has represented us with most respect. We feel that he is part of our family for 25 years."
July, 2017

"Great job! Thanks for everything."
April, 2017

"Alyson is great to work with and very diligent."
March, 2014

"Alyson Battaglia was outstanding, professional, and very helpful."
December, 2013

"Legler & Flynn and Alyson Battaglia were professional, personable, organized, and courteous. Alyson is the best and I wish her the best in her future. I will recommend Legler & Flynn to my friends."
June, 2013

"Alyson always kept me up to date and always made herself available to my concerns. I would recommend your firm to all my family and friends. Again, thank you for all your hard work and help."
December, 2009